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Nashville, Tennessee

Sanitary Solutions for your business

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-We are not a management company 

-We do not daily clean

-Our mission is to keep facilities maintained by use of existing staff members 

-This is a comprehensive package that takes cleaning to a whole new level

-We put the right tools, chemicals, process and know-how into your existing employees hands and give them the power to keep your facility cleaner than it has ever been before, forever. 

-One time specialized or detail cleaning


Point inspection


Maintenance ROI

on average ($30,000)


Employee retention


Satisfaction Guaranteed


Licensed + Bonded + Insured

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A professional assessment

Our technicians will provide a professional 250 point inspection of your facility, if the facility passes, our work is done.

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Specialty detail 

We can clean almost anything to a new or like new condition. However clean it can get, we will get it there. 

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Advanced tools

We work closely with local distributors to find the best chemicals and tools that are right for the job. 

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Custom packages

Not only do we train the existing staff with the proper way to maintain your facility, we put the right tools and products directly into your hands. We test everything before we supply it for you, so you don't have to. 

Included in the package:

  • A professional assessment of management expectations 

  • We work directly with kitchen management to:

    • build a working routine

    • fill the gaps of the cleaning process

  • Heavily reduced maintenance costs

    • Expensive equipment 

    • Gummed up coils

    • Potential hazards averted

  • On the job in person training from our own technicians

    • We supply the tools

    • We supply the chemicals 

    • We build you a customized cleaning solution

  • Monthly 250 point inspection of the facility 

    • A written breakdown of each inspection

    • Suggestions and feedback for how to improve 

    • When the facility passes our inspection our job is done

  • Our employee training will increase:

    • Retention

    • Sense of pride and ownership

    • Feeling positive about the work environment

  • Customized par sheets + Itemized cleaning lists

    • Daily, weekly and monthly projects

    • Estimated timeframe for tasks to be completed

    • Written signatures for accountability

  • Sanitary and healthy work conditions for customers and staff

  • Proven guaranteed success in maintaining facilities